Summer Reading Band Monday’s

Hope that you are enjoying a small respite on your Mondays (and Fridays) from playing concerts. It has been a great season with some incredibly fantastic sounds coming from this group! It has been a great pleasure to be with you.

Last summer some of us gathered together on Monday evenings to adventure into the musical unknown and explored the Holy Name Band’s extensive library of music (over 1100+ arrangements of music) to try and find out just what we have.  We had a lot of fun reading various selections. Some we liked, some were so-so, and a few were ‘Oh My Goodness, just stop right now and pass it in so we can burn it!” bad.

We are offering this reading group again this summer. If you have not filled in your Monday evenings with other ‘Honey-Do’  activities, bring your horn – whatever one you want to play , or bring all of them, bring your music stand, your reading glasses, and join in the fun.

We will begin July 2, 2018  at John Paul II Hikes Lane Campus, 3042 Hikes Lane in the old school building. Look for my car.

Come at 7ish to help choose music arrangements from the library. We will begin reading play about 7:30 pm.

If you have friends who play an instrument and would like to join in, bring them along. This is not limited to HNB Members. Just people who can read and play music.  This is a chance for some of the other wind bands in the area to see what we have, as we do lend out arrangements when asked.

Let’s see what we can discover!


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